Your Next Employee?Experienced manager, web designer, marketing specialist for hire

Hello, and thank you for your interest in me.   Hopefully you are here because you are looking for a new employee and somehow stumbled upon my digital resume.   I think the most important things to know about me are that excelling at my job is what motivates me and that I learn very quickly.

I have a vast amount of experience at managing businesses in the retail industry.   Historically I am either working for myself or as a business owner's "Right Hand Man".   In any job that I have had over the last 20 years, I was the operating manager.   It started at a local car lot where I very quickly went from detailing cars to operating the whole thing.   I did that for about 8 years and went on to open my own car lot.

Since then I have worked as the service writer and shop manager for a mechanic shop, owned and operated a small vape chain and recently have worked as the marketing director for two different companies with multiple channels of revenue.  Over the years marketing and working on websites is what I enjoyed the most.   Probably because of the creativity needed in order to create something.

I would be excited to learn something new!

Customer Service Expert

Customer Experience

My expertise don't stop with customer service! In my mind, customer service isn't just what I say or how I seem to the customer.  It's also the atmosphere that surrounds their shopping experience. I have recruited and trained an All-Star customer service team that had a 4.8 star rating and over 250 reviews.

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Marketing Strategy

Creative Marketing

I have owned or managed businesses that were thriving at the top, as well as scraping the bottom. One thing that I have learned is that you can never stop being creative. Having an "Outside of the Box" approach to getting new customers and keeping old ones, is one of my strongest suits. Never stop being creative!

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Overall Management


I have a few traits that always seem to land me in a "Right Hand Man" position. Those traits are my trustworthiness, my attention for detail, the strength to take responsibility for and learn from my mistakes, my overall knowledge and expertise of business, and my adept ability to learn and evolve.

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Unique Skill Sets

  • Software/Program Specialist: Innate ability to learn & master software quickly!
  • Game Changing Mentality: When it comes to business & marketing, I always try to find a new approach. The goal is to offer something that no one else does.
  • Customer Service: The key is to be friendly and make a connection. I go above and beyond and always look for an opportunity to do so.
  • All-Star Training: I can train staff to excel at customer service and directly raise the rate of good reviews a business receives. I also have many, positive reinforcement, strategies to motivate employees and promote teamwork.
  • Project Management: I am very good at organizing projects and preparing for unseen variables. Essentially putting out fires before they start.
  • Creative Writing: This is the skill that gets utilized the most. It comes in handy at every turn. Content writing for websites and listings, product descriptions, social media posts, creating advertisements, and so on.

I Know What You Are Thinking....

Hire this guy! How do I get Patrick on my team? The answer is simple. Send me a message to open up communication. Let's meet, chat a bit and from there you can make me an offer that I can't refuse!