www.LowCostWebsite.Host  was built to serve as an example of a website built quickly and easily using the Easy Website Builder from GilliCole Domains. The home page explains what the DIY website builder is and some of the extra tools available for it. There is also page for anyone that is looking for professional and affordable web design. It features GilliCole Creative as a web design option, along with contact info for the website creation team.

Easy Website Builder best DIY Website design toolThere really isn't a whole lot to say about this website.   Building it served two purposes.  The first was to familiarize myself with the Do It Yourself Website Builder. It was a product that my website www.gillicole.domains offers but I had never actually experienced it myself. So curiousity is what motivated me to start the project. Once I had decided to give it a test drive, I had to come up with a focus for the site. Then it dawned on me. Why not built a site to use as an example of what the product can do? Thus, it was given a second purpose and www.lowcostwebsite.host was born.

The website building tool was everything it claimed to be. I had the new website built and live within about 5 hours. It came with hosting, an ssl certificate and the builder itself and all at a low price. I was quite impressed to be honest. I strongly recommend it for anyone that needs to build a website, but isn't savvy at that sort of thing. As it happens the SEO Tool that GilliCole Domains offers is a great fit for the website builder or the online store builder. I think maybe that the tool was designed for them.

I wish that I had more to say about this particular site but due to its nature there isn't much to say.  Lol..   I did use html a little but for the most part, it was simple and straight forward.  No customization using CSS.  I just picked the layout and content options and there you have it.  A simple yet effective design.

See the site for yourself