GilliCole Domains provides cheap prices on website products such as web hosting, SSL certificates, website security, professional emails and more!  Anyone wanting a site, live on the internet, can save up to 40% on website costs every year.  Not only that, but the site offers All-Star customer support and has a highly secure shopping cart.  The savings add up very quickly with offers such as: 1st year free domain registration with domain transfers, privacy for as low as $1.99, url specific emails for as low as $2.50 and so on!

 I am proud to say that GilliCole Domains is my website.  I wanted to offer potential clients savings that they could appreciate.   I don't make much money off of the hosting or any other website products.  The idea, quite honestly, was to help me get a foot in the door with potential clients.   Many other agencies and web designers offer hosting but they mark them up so high that it actually costs the client much more than if they had acquired the url and such on their own.  I like the business model of giving customers more for less and it starts with their yearly website costs.

Inexpensive SEO Tool The website took about two months of me working in my spare time to get it up and running.  When it first went live it was bare bones, in that I didn't add much content or put any efforts into SEO.   But I did put a lot of time and effort into the design using beaver builder and customization using CSS code.  Once I do add the content, it will be done using HTML code.

The challenge was making the shopping part of the website match the secure shopping cart as perfectly as possible.   I had no hand or influence on how the shopping cart and pages associated with it would look.   Had I not mimicked the shopping cart site layout, it would have felt like two different sites to the customer.  The less confusion for potential customers, the better.

Cheap Website Hosting ServiceThe major obstacles in the design were the full screen objects.   It took me quite a while to figure out how to make the responsive mega menu go full screen.   I spent a lot of time trying to find a plugin that would do it for me but plugin after plugin was just a disappointment.   Between plugins, I tried using CSS coding to make it happen and just ran into more dead ends.  Finally, I figured it out.   I ended up leaving it the way it was until just before going live.  It was then that the proper code came to me and finally I had the menu that I wanted.   There was a lot of customization work in the header, menu and footer area to get it matching the shopping cart perfectly enough for my taste.

The full screen featured images at the top of each menu item page wasn't nearly as hard to figure out after having fixed the menu.  Originally the "hero" images, if you will, were like the image at the top of this page.  It looked good enough but after having put so much effort into the menu, I figured why not, let's give it a try.   After changing the first image, I liked it so much more than before and have been slowly changing them throughout the website.

easy website builderAs long as it took and as hard as it was to make some of the changes work, it was totally worth it.   It may have aggravated me here and there along the way, but the end product was significantly more rewarding.   I enjoy the creativity and customization of a website.   The resulting creation that was all of my design.  It is amazing what you can do once you learn to use coding to customize a website.   I am still learning and honestly have tons to learn but I thrive on it.   New knowledge and better web designs from increasing my talent is what drives me and motivates me to grow!

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