Intercoastal Car Care Center in is a full service auto repair shop in Leland, NC!  Your vehicle's well being is their focus and the customer service is on point.  The mechanics at this shop are very knowledgeable in vehicle diagnostics and auto repairs.  They can do it all from regular maintenance to engine replacements.   Their prices are great too!  Oil changes are priced low as a courtesy to the customers.

R Patrick Twigg For Hire

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this website.   I built it from beginning to finish, including search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.   I put about 80 hours into it with graphics and all.  The header was designed using Adobe Photoshop and I built the footer using HTML widgets.  I even edited the theme to change the copyright area.

I had to put this website development on pause to build another site for our Cub Cadet products.  I would like to spend more time writing blogs than I have been able to, do some more work on the SEO and build individual pages for the auto repair services that we focus on.

So, how much customizing did I do on this website build?  I changed the font sizes and such with CSS.   Designed the header, the logo and the overall look was my creativity.  The background wasn't hard to do, I just had to play with the opacity until it was how I wanted it.  The opacity, radius and box-shadow of each information block was changed via the beaver builder options on each widget, but have since learned how to do this site wide using CSS.  I used CSS to make the menu items bolder, the color of the Cub Cadet menu item yellow, the font throughout the site larger and to hide the hero image.  I added the top half of the image to the right and added meta info, including geocodes, to all of the images using Adope Photoshop.  The social media links in the copyright area and the blogs were all built using HTML.

All in all, I am very happy with the final design, even without the future edits that I have planned.  So far, this is the website that I am most proud of.  It's the look and feel of the site that I like the most.  It's not as extensive as the GilliCole Domains or Cub Cadet Dealer site that recently built but it's got a cool look to it.  Perhaps it's simplicity even with complex customization says a lot about my web designing style.

Check it out for yourself