Driven To Excel

Hello, and thank you for your interest in me.   Hopefully you are here because you are looking for a new employee and somehow stumbled upon my digital resume.   I think the most important things to know about me are that excelling at my job is what motivates me and that I learn very quickly.

I thrive off of new knowledge and to sum me up as an employee is put simply as “Learn, excel and change the game!”   These three things are innate and come very naturally.  Learning towards understanding and mastering a job provides me with satisfaction and pride.    The “changing the game” part is just an added bonus and is a product of the understanding and my creativity.


I would be excited to learn & master something new

Key Strengths

Learn and master software quickly

Innate Software Proficiency

I learn & master software quickly, becoming fluent to the point of training others.
Creative Problem Sovling

Creative Problem Solving

I identify problems and analyze deep. My creativity allows for outside of the box problem solving!
Project Management

Project Goal Proficiency

Just give me a budget and deadline! I have a knack for preparing for unseen variables.
Project Management

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service/retention is my strongest skill. I built an “Allstar” team with 200+ reviews and a 4.8 star rating!
Strategic Business Development

Strategic Business Planning

Experience at developing businesses from startup to the top and scraping the bottom.
Strategic Marketing Plans

Digital Marketing Strategy

I create marketing plans that fit the uniqueness of a business and it's objectives.

Unique Skill Sets

  • Software/Program Specialist: Innate ability to learn & master software quickly! I am accustomed to learning software quickly and training others thereafter.
  • Game Changing Mentality: When it comes to business & marketing, I always try to find a new approach. The goal is to offer something that no one else does.
  • Customer Service: The key is to be friendly and make a connection. I go above and beyond and always look for an opportunity to do so.
  • All-Star Training: I can train staff to excel at customer service and directly raise the rate of good reviews a business receives. I also have many, positive reinforcement, strategies to motivate employees and promote teamwork.
  • Project Management: I am very good at organizing projects and preparing for unseen variables. Essentially putting out fires before they start.
  • Creative Writing: This is the skill that gets utilized the most. It comes in handy at every turn. Content writing for websites and listings, product descriptions, social media posts, creating advertisements, and so on.

  • Team Leader & Delegation: One of the most important duties of a team leader is to delegate tasks efficiently. The wheels wll spin more smoothly if all of the parts are precisely where they should be!
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Marketing is not cut and dry, every business should have a customized and creative marketing strategy. However, having dealt with digital advertising and website development for so many businesses, I have a strong understanding of nearly every aspect of marketing. Such as SMS campaigns, email campaigns, billboard adspace, SEO for websites and Google Maps, paid digital ads, social media marketing, public presence, and so much more. There are just too many marketing channels and avenues to list.
  • Complete Business Consultation: I have vast experience at every aspect of business development.

I Know What You Are Thinking....

Hire this guy! How do I get Patrick on my team? The answer is simple. Send me a message to open up communication. Let's meet, chat a bit and from there you can make me an offer that I can't refuse!