Web Designer & Content Writer


  • Delegated website initiation
  • Oversaw cosmetic development
  • Used creative content writing
      For consumer appeal and Google SEO
      Created the content pages with html
      Filled in meta data
      Added inventory (that wasn't automated)
  • Organized menu's layered navigation
  • Manage website's inventory
  • Respond to leads
Business card designed for  Taylor's Auto Sales


  • Created concept: To offer cheap domains and hosting services, as a way in the door with new clients.
  • Intense project
  • I did it all from beginning to current
  • Heavily customized using html & CSS
  • Created product images, logos and banners
  • Content writing for customer appeal & Google SEO
  • Organized menu and product pages
  • Set pricing and sidebar products
Graphic Design: Logo created for GilliCole Domains
An example of graphic design and logo creation
Business Card graphic design


  • Website Development from start to current
  • Picture optimization and compression
  • Created graphics: banners and logo
  • Manipulated sister company logo to create this companies logo
  • Creative content writing & blogger
  • Customized using html & CSS languages
  • Created review aquisition plan
  • Optimized Google Maps listing
  • Organized hundreds of citations
  • Delegated back-link campaign


  • Website creation, design & development
  • Strategic content writing
  • Organized hundreds of citations
  • Delegated back-link campaign
  • Optimized Google Map listing
  • Optimized photos for website speeds
  • Created url specific email addresses