Are we a good fit?!

  • I am willing to relocate:   I would consider relocating, preferably within 200 miles of Charlotte, NC.
  • Wilmington & Charlotte:  I would jump at an opportunity that lets me rotate between Charlotte & Wilmington.
  • Top 3 Cities:  I would be delighted to work in any of the three following cities:
    1. Charlotte, NC:   Charlotte is where my heart is
      Wilmington, NC:   Wilmington is home.
      Roanoke, VA:   Roanoke is where family is
  • I am very efficient working remotely:  I am efficient working from home when working a job that requires me to be in front of the computer or on the phone all day. I am accustomed to working from home and have a routine that optimizes efficiency.

  • Salary Range:  $50k to $85k. Depends on the workload and responsibilities.

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